Specific Optical Fibers


ZEPTO has a strong R&D capability and rich experience in the industry and project, we can create various fiber-optic bundles according to customer requirements, and provide a complete fiber optic transmission program.

Fiber optic products are widely used in various industries, such as printing chromatography equipment, infrared polarized pain treatment, edge machine, cigarette testing, environmental water quality analysis.

Glass Fiber Light Guide For BOBST Printing Register Control SystemFiber Optic Cable For Taiyo Printing Chromatic System

*Optical design: one into the more or more into the more 

*Used in the color printing system

*OEM & ODM service is available

Flame Detection Glass Fiber Bundles


*Use high quality SCHOTT glass fiber to manufacturing fiber optic bundles

*The bundles with good temperature resistance and high transmittance

*Wide spectral range (incl. all visible light wavelength)

*Various fiber diameter and connectors can be customized

Fiber Optic Bundle For Super Lizer Therapy


 *Import high transmission rate of Schott glass fiber

 *Single tube or Y-type structural designed fiber optic bundles

 *Various sizes and distributions can be customized



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