Plasma Tunable Light Source


•A color image of the mature capsella bursa-pastoris embryo, assembled using the entire field of view acquired in each spectral channel.

•By acquiring across multiple channels, a spectrum for each pixel in the image is obtained.

•Plasma Tunable Light Source (PTLS-100) provide a continuously tunable center wavelength (CWL) in the 420 - 730 nm range. 

•PTLS-100 has user-selectable bandwidth settings of narrow, medium, and wide. The switching time varies depending upon the initial and final wavelengths.

•With an included controller that provides trigger In, trigger out, and analog In functionality, these tunable optical bandpass filters are ideal for applications that perform multispectral or hyperspectral imaging, as demonstrated in the image to the right.

•Tunable using optical filter with fully programmable sequences

•Included controller provides local control via the front panel and remote control via BNC and USB

•Software and SDK Included

•Temperature-Controlled Head for Long-Term Stability

•Wavelength Range 420 - 730 nm

•Beam Diameter 20 mm

•Typical FWHM at 550nm * : 12 nm (Narrow) 24 nm (Medium) 39 nm (Wide)

•Switching Speed  

• Long to Short Wavelengths: < 100 ms  

• Short to Long Wavelengths < 500 ms

•Temperature Range 10°C -  35°C



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