Cat No. ECS345       20,000x(1ml)

Nucleic Acid Staining Solution aims to replace traditional EtBr (ethidium bromide) in performing nucleic acid detection in agarose gels.

EtBr has long been known as a strong mutagen, however OPT-EcoSafe causes only negligible mutations in the Ames test.

The sensitivity of OPT- EcoSafe is identical to that of EtBr. Under UV light, OPT-Eco Safe emits green fluorescence when bound to DNA or RNA. OPT-EcoSafe excited at 309 nm, 419 nm and 514 nm.

The fluorescence emission peak of OPT-EcoSafe when bound to DNA is at 537nm.

Captured by GelCube+ with OPT-Safe(left) and SYBR Safe(Right)

Agarose gel :

1% agarose in 0.5x TBE buffer,

2 μl OPT-EocSafe reagent per 50 ml gel solution, 30 min at 100 V.

Blue LED: 470 nm, 

Amber filter: 500nm LP


1.High sensitivity: same as EtBr Stain in UV(GelGraph) and blue light(GelCube+)
2.Safe: Non-mutagenic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic Green: No hazard
3.OPT-Safe works with UV transilluminator as well as with GelGraph
4.Cost Effective: 1ml OPT-Safe can stain around 1000 pcs of agarose gels .

5.Shipping condition : Room Temp. Store condition: 4℃   

6. Nucleic Acid Straining Solution 20,000X,(1 ml)
    Ex/Em: 309, 419, 514 nm/537 nm
7. Applicable Pre cast gel staining or Post staining




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