ATTO Semi-dry blotting for transferring of proteins (Western blotting)

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WSE-4125PoweredBLOT 2M

Western Blotting Transfer System with Built-in Power Supply

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WSE-4025PoweredBLOT 2M / WSE-4045PowseredBLOT 4M

Improved Electrode plate setting enabled; Uniform and firm contact of gels and membranes fast blotting


WSE-4055QBlot Kit

「QBlot Kit」is prepared pre-wet PVDF membrane & filter paper.「QBlot Kit」is composited 10 stacks/box. 

  1 stack for 1 transfer and 「QBlot Kit」may use all Semi-Dry blotting systems.

  Shortest 5-10 min until 250kDa protein transfer with ATTO High-Speed transfer blotting system!

WSE-4050 - 4053 P plus membranes 

P plus membrane is an extremely low background PVDF membrane suitable for chemiluminescent and calorimetric immuno blotting.

CB-06A - 20A Filter paper 

ATTO's filter papers are suitable for semi-dry blotting



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