UV protection shield cover for safety gel cutting.  Sample size area
17cm x 13cm


Window OS touch Tablet


PC・Window OS Touch Tablet control

Compact Gel Documentation System



Gel documentation system to taking gel images stained with fluorescence or dye after DNA/protein electrophoresis 



1. Used Sankyo Japanese brand UV lamp
2. EtBr, Safe Dye detection (617nm,535nm 2 filters included)
3. Unit size of 20x25x23cm
4. Quantitative Analysis software is bundled
5. Orange color shield cover for safety gel cutting
6. SONY thermal printer printout possible
Simple processing
1. Small space with optimizing works.
2. Gel cutting.





                                                                                            3. Analysis Software

GelinterPret quantitative analysis software is included as starndard. if you need more information, please click image.



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