Stand-alone Compact LED Gel Doc Syetem



GelCube+ is stand-alone a compact gel documentation systems.

Equipped with blue LED light source, it is able to capture a gel image.

White LED light source is built in for color metric dye stained gels and Western blots.


1.Transmitted blue light for OPT-Safe, Midori Green, SYBR Safe and SYPRO Ruby stained gel image, etc.

2.Transmitted white light for coomassie blue stained gel and scientific film, etc

3.Epi white light for HRP/DAB western blot image.

4.Ultralight, portable, and compact size.

5.Waterproof, the gel directly on the surface of the Lighting area.


6. PC Monitor-out code can see more wider screen.




Both blue and white 3 light sources suitable for the following applications:
1. Blue LED light(transmitted):  SYPRO Ruby gel stain, SYBR Safe gel stain, SYBR Green gel stain, SYBR Gold gel Stain applications.  

2. White LED light(transmitted): Coomassie blue gel stain, Scientific film western blot colorimetric signal forms.


3. White light(Epi): DAB, TMB western blot image and Digital X-Ray film. 

4. Gel cutting works available. 


When use Safe-dye, best image with safety.

*Most of EtBr respond to blue light than UV. 

GelinterPret quantitative analysis software is included as starndard. if you need more information, please click image.



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