Gel Documentation System

   WSE-5300Printgraph CMOS I

   Touch Panel & Mouse Control Gel Documentation System

   Purpose and Application
  • UV light source: 312nm for EtBr, SYBR Green/Safe stained gel etc.

  • White Flat LED: CBB stained gel, Silver stained gel etc.

  • CyanRed Epi: UV free! detecting much higher resolution fluorescence than Blue LED.

  • Direct Print out: Connect with High quality digital graphic printer(SONY UP-X898MD)

  • Save an image in main unit, direct to USB memory and send Tablet(WiFi Control) etc. 

Quick response touch panel system

「WSE-5300 Printgraph CMOSⅠ」is quick response by high quality touch panel system.

UV free for Hazard free from experiment!

ATTO original「CyanRed Epi」applied. 510nm of Cyan excitation can detect EtBr(UV free)

Also, ATTO EzFluoroStainDNA which is high sensitive fluorescence stain reagent instead of  EtBr. (EtBr free)



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