Image Analysis Software CS Analyzer 4 (Windows version)


ATTO CS Analyzer 4 is analysis software for concentration determination of electrophoresis pattern, molecular weight, emission detection and gel image.

CS Analysis 4  is operating software for PC Windows10/8.1/8/7(64/32bit)and selectable language for Japanese/ English. 

CS4 analyzer is usable for Chemiluminesence detecting device and

ATTO gel documentation system which is Printgraph. 

Also, CS4 Analyzer is usable for digital camera image

or scanned image for analyzing.

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Purpose and Application

Digitization of electrophoresis pattern  

Measure electrophoresis pattern and digitize a molecular weight measurement and concentration determination.

LANE measurement:Scan each lane and digitization from profile data.

Analysis result save and report

Saving for electrophoresis information, summarize a report(PDF file/ Printing)

There is able to print out a summarized result or save it as PDF file format.

Image convert saving 

Adjust 16bit TIFF image→8bit image(TIFF・JPEG・BMP etc.)

Save image as ....

LANE measurement 

Analysis for molecular weight and concentration determination together.

Scan each lane and digitization from profile data.

SPOT measurement

Analysis for dot blot or band pattern.

Select a target area and set a background.

PLATE measurement

Analysis for Queue dot pattern such an array.

Image format 

・16bit TIFF

・16/14/12bit CCD(ATTO original format)

・16/14/12bit Chain(ATTO original format)


Own name file : Save as ....

・16bit TIFF


Language selection

Choose a language English or Japanese when it is installed.



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