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ZEPTO is developing  Photonics product and supply for ATTO Bio laboratory products which brand from Japan since 1964.

ZEPTO is name of company which means next "atto" scale an incredibly small unit equal to 1 x 10-18, or one-quintillionth. Modern scientists and technologist now hope to investigate in detail and deeply into exploratory research on the "atto" scale.


ZEPTO is expanding to develop a photonics product for next business line since 2012 with bio laboratory product brand "ATTO" in Japan.


Design a new project to manufacturing internally and link the project with high technical software skill for fitting perfect between hardware, control software. Also, taking a small business dedicated to offering quality products and services for your optical and electro-optical needs for US customer.     

Company is going to update more projects and creating a new product in Japan and U.S.A. for providing a merit quotation to cooperation partners to researchers who is low budget customer to supporting their experiment.

We hope to  keep providing efficient and cost effective tools for all researchers in the world.



USA office for Bio-Laboratory products

 🏢 67 Forest Street, Suite 287, Marlborough, MA 01752, USA


JAPAN office for  Photonics products

 🏢 8-7-24 Higashi-shinkoiwa, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo 124-0023, Japan


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